• Intuitive Donation Management

    Our easy-to-navigate control panel enables you to track every donation, by donor or fundraising campaign. It also provides in-depth insights into giving patterns, so you can create better budget forecasts for your organization.

  • Customizable Forms

    Your needs could change at any time, so being able to quickly create a donation or registration form can be essential to support your mission. EFTPlus helps streamline your forms process by enabling you to create unlimited custom forms for events, volunteer opportunities, mission trips, and more that can be embedded directly on your website.

  • Recurring Giving

    Recurring giving is a great way to provide a steady stream of donations during the slower months. Donors will love this feature since they can easily set the amount and frequency of their gifts and have the choice to contribute to multiple funds.

  • Unlimited Funds

    Active organizations frequently have several different funds or campaigns for people to contribute to! Whether you have missions to fund or just need some new supplies, you can set up as many different funds as you want for no extra cost.

  • Unlimited Users

    EFTPlus wants your church or ministry to grow without limits, so we don’t put any limits on our software! The more people giving through your system, the better – with no extra costs, ever. So you never need to worry about the number of people giving to your church.

  • Pledge Tracking

    Our pledge tracking features enables donors to pledge a certain amount to your organization or ministry. This feature will track a person’s donations towards the pledge and can alert them via e-mail if they fall behind.

  • Multi-Site Support

    Easily manage multiple locations by creating custom giving pages for each individual site with site-specific funds and track site-specific donation information.

  • Security

    EFTPlus cares about your organization’s and your donors’ security. We are PCI Compliant and meet all the strictest PCI/DSS security stands, such as SSL certificates and encryption, intrusion detection, and transaction security.