Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EFTPlus?

    Accepting online tithing & donations for your organization is made simple with EFTPlus. At the click of a button, contributors can login and manage their giving profiles. In less than 30 seconds, they could set up a one-time gift, an automatic recurring donation, and view their giving history.

    Additionally, EFTPlus provides your staff an array of powerful reporting tools. You can view online giving trends, weekly or monthly reports, and even set up custom reports and campaigns.

  • What EFTPlus products are available for my organization?

    We have has created and assembled a variety of tools and strategies to make use of electronic giving such as the following:

    • Online giving (variety of forms)
    • Kiosk giving
    • Text giving
    • All types of forms (Events & Registrations)
    • Live support for account help
    • MinistryOne mobile app
  • How soon does the money go into the organization’s account after you take out the transaction fee?

    Money from Credit Card/Check Card transactions are deposited into the church’s account within 2-3 business days. Money from ACH (e-check) transactions take a few days to be deposited into the church’s account. The reason for the delay in ACH is for verification that the funds are there, whereas Credit Cards/Check Cards have real-time validation of availability of funds.

  • What happens if there are insufficient funds in a payment?

    Credit Cards/Check Cards do real time validation to ensure availability of funds. ACH does not. If an ACH request is processed and there is NSF, there is a 3.00 charge. This is charged by the ACH merchant account provider, and we do not have any control over this rate.

  • What payment types does EFTPlus offer?

    We offer all the major card brands: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express; additionally, we also process ACH/eCheck transactions.

  • Can we setup different fund designations?

    Yes, you can create funds that are specific to your organization’s needs. For example, a donor could submit a single $800 donation, but split that $800 over the various funds you choose to offer: General Donation, Building Fund, Youth Ministry, Programs, etc.

  • What’s the big deal about automatic recurring giving?

    Your donors pledge because they intend to give but distractions often derail their best intentions. Studies show that automatic recurring giving generates more money for your ministry by increasing pledge fulfillment and donor retention thereby reducing the revenue roller coaster. This creates a more dependable cash flow and more income. Automatic giving also reduces the need for labor-intensive check processing. So ultimately you have more income and less work with automatic recurring giving.

  • What about security?

    With EFTPlus® you will have the highest level of security and PCI compliance. We have multiple layers of security and industry compliance certifications to ensure your organization has a safe way to let your donors give online and process recurring and single donations. Please see our Safety and Security section for further details.

  • How long will it be before I can start taking donations?

    Less than twenty-four hours from the time your merchant account application is approved. Merchant account applications usually take 1-2 business days to be approved.

  • Can I export data to my donor management system?

    Yes! EFTPlus® already has the ability to transfer data to some donor management systems. If you are looking to use EFTPlus® with a product or service and are not sure we support the export, please ask us. We created and own our system so we have the flexibility to make changes. Constant improvement and development to support our clients is very important to us; we would love to know how we can best serve your needs!