About Us

  • EFTPlus® came out of a vision to serve those who are serving others. We saw how mega-ministries were able to stabilize their income and increase giving through electronic funds transfer and credit card giving. Most ministries, however, did not have the monetary or staff resources to create and maintain an effective recurring giving program. In 1999 we created a cost-effective, turn-key solution to enable any size ministry to stabilize income and increase giving. Since then we have expanded our products to meet the growing needs of ministries to serve their donors.

    What Sets EFTPlus® Apart From Other Services? We have been in your shoes. We are not bankers though we know how to help you through the banking maze. We came from a background of ministry and fundraising and we believe passionately in what you do. You are making a difference in your community and our world and we want to help you make the most of your efforts.

    Your Ministry is Unique. We understand these differences and will do our best to provide you with the giving options to fit your needs. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” software. We believe in matching your needs according to your specific ministry goals.

    Our Hallmark is Customer Service. We get to know who you are and when you call us there are no telephone menus or recorded instructions. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Click here to see what others say about our service.

    One Stop Shopping. We have created our own software so we can make changes and create products to suit your needs. Once you have signed up we don’t just turn you over to a big bank or processing service. Click here to learn more about our current products and services.

    Grow with Us. EFTPlus® offers a giving solution designed to reduce the time and expense you put into processing payments so you can focus on your donors and your ministry. As technology advances we are constantly developing new and exciting ways for you to grow along with it!